Name(s) Institution Project

Bashir, Rashid

Rodriguez, William

U Illinois


Disposable CD4 count in AIDS
Haber, Daniel MGH Circulating tumor cells in cancer

Fleisher, Martin

Heymach, John

Johnson, Bruce




Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C)

Manalis, Scott

Rodriguez, William



Viral load quantification in AIDS
Moldawer, Linc U Florida Inflammation in trauma
Serhan, Charles BWH Lipid mediators of inflammation
Fuchs, Beth MGH Fungal infection detection


Name(s) Institution Project
Anat Herskovits Tel-Aviv U Inflammation & listeria monocytogene
Avigan, David Beth Israel Cytokine secretion
Breakefield, Xandra MGH Glioblastoma markers
Cantley, Lew HMS Spatio-temporal signaling
Chung, Raymond MGH HCV-mediated transcript. dynamics
Cohen, Smadar Ben Gurion Liposomes and apoptosis
Fortune, Sarah HSPH Drug resistance in Tuberculosis
Hafler, David Yale T cell autoimmunity
Hotamisligil Gokhan HSPH Unfolded proteins in obesity
Hyman, Brad MGH Tau in neurodegeneration
Jaenisch, Rudolf Northeastern University Isolation of progenitor cells
McKinley, Gareth MIT Non-newtonian fluid mechanics
Mylonakis, Elefterios Brown University Fungal virulence
Sachin, Nathaniel U Florida Particle flow modeling
Polyak, Boris Drexel U Biodegradable polymeric magnetic materials
Poznansky, Mark MGH Neutrophil chemotaxis
Scadden, David MGH Differentiation of stem cells
Smolina, Irina Boston U Synthetic DNA analogs
Staley, Kevin MGH Brain-on-a-chip
Stelios, T. Andreadis SUNY Dual-promoter lentiviral vector
Walsh, Ken Boston U Sfrp5 during hepatic inflammation


Name(s) Institution Project
Davis, Ronald Stanford U RNA isolation from small samples
Doyle, Patrick MIT Photosynthesis of biomaterials
Novic, Eric HuREL Corp Pharmacokinetics on a chip
Smith, Richard PNNL Cell proteomics from small samples
Vemurla, Murali Nivarta Inc Protein screening for drug development
Wardle, Brian MIT Nanotube arrays and microfluidics