BioMEMS Workshop, Tufts University, 2012

This one-day workshop took place at Tufts University in 2012, and introduced undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty to basic techniques in microfluidics for biology and medicine. The workshop consisted of a brief lecture session, followed by four hands-on lab modules focused on individual topics.

  • Overview of the Workshop
  • Lab 1: PDMS Device Fabrication
  • Lab 2: Chemotaxis
  • Lab 3: Cell Patterning
  • Lab 4: Cell Capture

ENGR2699, Olin College, 2012

The BMRC, in collaboration with Prof. Brian Storey of Olin College, taught the course Special Topics In Bioengineering, ENGR2699, in the fall of 2012. The course provided a hands-on introduction to microfluidics in the context of studying cell motility. The first half of the course consisted of lectures and labs to introduce various topics relevant to microfluidics and cell motility. During the second half of the course students designed, fabricated, and tested microfluidic devices for studying some aspect of cell motility.

Lecture Notes

  • Microfluidic Device Fabrication
  • Introduction to Cell Motility
  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
  • Diffusion and Osmosis
  • Tools for Studying Cell Migration
  • Clinical Applications of Cell Motility (part 1)
  • Clinical Applications of Cell Motility (part 2)
  • Mechanisms of Cell Motility
  • Capillary Forces in Microfluidics

Device Designs

  • Device for Capillarity Lab
  • Device for Deterministic Lateral Separation Lab

BioMEMS Workshop, Tufts University, 2010

This two-day workshop took place at Tufts University in June, 2010. Each day included 3 seminars and two hands-on lab modules focused on both introductory and advanced topics in microfluidics. Here we include slides from all of the seminars.

  • Overview of the Workshop
  • Device Fabrication
  • Chemotaxis
  • Cell Patterning
  • Surface Chemistry Engineering
  • Cell Separation in Blood
  • Inertial Focusing

BioMEMS Workshop, BioMEMS Resource Center, 2007

This two-day workshop took place at the BioMEMS Resource Center in 2007, and features a series of lectures and laboratories. Here we include slides from the lecture and instructions for the lab sessions.

  • Microfabrication
  • Surface Engineering
  • Cell Patterning
  • Cell Handling
  • Sensing Methodologies
  • Lab Modules